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Who Needs Feminism When You Have Femininity?

Posted by bethanie corona (she/her) on

Overall the essay, “Who Needs Feminism When You Have Femininity?” by Folake Famuyiwa had a clear structure, it was coherent and well organized. I liked the hook she chose to include because it was a good transition from her abstract and also a solid start to her introduction paragraph. The essay provided a compelling analysis and description of their chosen community’s cultural norms of behavior. She had a strong social-scientific interpretation of the subreddit group titled  ‘RedPillWomen’a group of women who believe in many traditionalist conservative views. The author showed an ethnographic perspective by adopting multiple different points of view in your writing, she walks us through feminist ideology and history. She paints a description by pointing out biases: “RedPillWomen’s sidebar lacks any scientific backing behind why their concepts and strategies are full proof.” She also makes sure to include her voice by giving us her insight on the ways the redpillwomen communicate and fail to defend their beliefs. I would give it an A.

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