After reding the article, I believe that the culture that was included urban culture. This culture includes minorities, (any person who does not identify as white). Along with being minorities, the culture described are people who dwell in the inner cities. Within the people in the Urban culture, there are a lot of the shared beliefs and behaviors exhibited. Although it is sad, one major shared belief is that the police were a force against people of color. People of color back then believed that the police have a vendetta against them and if you ask people of color today how they feel, it is scary to hear how much they believe the same thing to this day. Something that I noticed while reading James Baldwins article was the fact that the word “Negro,” was a term loosely used to describe black people. To call a black person a “Negro” was the norm which is obviously not acceptable currently. A known behavior of black people back in those times were to shelter themselves in a way. For example, if something was happening to a black person involving the police, other black people tend to run away or close their doors and turn their backs. This is because black people didn’t want to reap the repercussions of trying to help their own. Police officers would assault everyone and anyone who got in their way. In the end, the overall article made me really think about how black people lived back then and how we live right now and what I concluded is what scares me the most.

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