“A Report from Occupied Territory” by James Baldwin

In the essay  “A Report from Occupied Territory” by James Baldwin, the author describes the events that take place within Harlem to give context to the intensity of the discrimination that takes place within this territory. The author began by providing details about how African Americans were brutally treated by the law enforcement by giving details of an average male working to begin the essay, then proceeds to show how a simple question from his mouth can lead to him having to watch over his shoulder for the rest of his life. A fieldworker would have to question quite a bit in order to uncover the culture that was described in this article, one of those questions being the following. Are there other instances of similar injustice that took place that weren’t so publicized? Why specifically were those six individuals targeted? Questions such as these would help an individual further uncover the truth about the culture at this time. In order to penetrate the insider perspective, an individual would have to visit these locations through many different perspectives to see the daily activities of these people, this would help the individual further understand the story being portrayed in this essay. James Baldwin does a great job providing one perspective but it is crucial to read other perspectives on this matter. Mr. Baldwin even provides one within this essay, one fieldworker would take the time to understand this article as well. 

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  1. Emma Fournier
    I really like the question you pose regarding other similar instances of injustice that were not so publicly recognized. I think this idea is highly important in various areas of knowledge, especially pertaining to today's current events. It seems that many people are so preoccupied by their individualistic mindsets that it is easy to overlook other incidents regardless of whether they are more or less "impactful" simply because they are not as highlighted in the media.

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