A Report from Occupied Territory, Social Science

Ethnicity is a very big part of our culture. Society differentiate people based on their color, gender and ethnicity. African Americans suffered racial segregation since a lot time period in the United States. They did not get their equal rights as other Americans. In the article, “ A Report from Occupied Territory” by James Baldwin illustrates how society treats a certain group of people based on their racial color that includes discrimitaion and violence. In the article James Baldwin talks about how the U.S. government was violating the Black Americans even though they were innocent. Negroe people have always held the lowest jobs, the most menial jobs, which are now being destroyed by automation. They did not even get proper education from the government. In the article a 31 years old salesman named Frank Stafford was brutally beaten by the policeman when he questioned the police why they were beating a 15 years young kid in Harlem. They beat him, arrest him and take him into custody where they beat him so cruelly that he loses an eye. The man is still on the street with one eye and trying to feed his family. He was known as a cop hater because he questioned the cop why they were beating the black kid. He calls his report “a plea for the recognition of our common humanity,” where he asks for equal rights and equal treatment for the blacks. The U.S. government was unwilling to change anything because Blacks were racist. Also today, many unfixed issues remain, including discrimination and violence. This article includes cultural discrimination among black people in the United States. I believe, a fieldworker might ask why black people are not getting the same rights as others ethnicity. Also, the field worker might use the source that penetrate the insider perspective
how would White people react if they were treated the same way as the Blacks.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Angel Pacheco
    I like how you brought up how today, a lot of issues still remain. I think that is a very important thing to acknowledge when reading this essay written in the 1960's. It's crazy how even today we still face problems like racism that people also faced back then.
  2. Sharon Leal
    Hey Syed, I like how you reminded us that the sales man, who asked a single question, was beaten and labeled a cop hater.. when he was the one beaten. It goes to show how one person standing up for those in need can be seen as stepping out of line and being beaten is the only solution. I think the fieldworker question is good but very broad, no one knows why black people are still beaten and put down to this day, racism is everywhere and I don't think one can pinpoint everyones exact reason other than a whole load of ignorance and history of abuse. A fieldworker might have trouble getting a definitive answer for that question but it still is a very good one to consider.

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