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The article “Hustlers“ written by Jessica Pressler gives an inside look and an overall different perspective on exotic dancers. Strippers, as they are more commonly known as are often times ridiculed by society. Many view their job as a last resort and often times consider it degrading. This article however serves to do the opposite. It was written to show the women as intellectual equals with the men who seemingly used them, referring to them as ‘robinhood’ for taking from the wealthy. The writer also attempts to humanize the ‘victims’ by giving them a voice. Rosie, one of the ladies to be introduced gave  insight on her cultural background. She tells us that she is of Cambodian descent. She briefly explains that her parents came to America with ideals that they eventually strayed from. This information was crucial. It illustrates how a change in focus and the neglecting of children can greatly affect their future. Having to fend for herself Rosie had to mature earlier than most young women and find a way to essentially make ends meet. Being left at the mercy of a large city, the young unqualified woman took an unconventional route to financial security by owning her sexuality and having men pay large sums whilst succumbing to their carnal desires. This in and of itself was extremely empowering. For years women were made to feel shameful to do anything remotely sexual. The article in a sense Restored the confidence that was stolen from woman by the men in society. It painted the woman as masterminds in their own narrative as opposed to a mere body in that of a man’s. 

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