Discussion Board #3

Syed Shataj Hosain

Professor Shemecaa A Harris

Writing For Social Science 

Discussion Board #3 

11th March, 2020.


                Coffee is a big part of my daily life. But I never felt like to sit down and observe the whole atmosphere of a coffee shop because I mostly grab and go. There is hardly any moment that I  ever looked at what is going on around the coffee shop until this assignment. I went to a coffee shop on Monday because I thought it would be fun to observe the shop during the week day. First, I bought a coffee for myself and sat in a corner. I noticed at first that mostly the professional people were buying coffee as breakfast. The coffee shop was next to a court and that is why most people who worked there come to get their morning coffee. I saw the barista taking orders so fast and rapidly and continuously telling her co-workers to make the orders. There were two barisha taking the orders and also making the coffee at the same time. They were very friendly  and engaging with the customers. The decoration of the shop was very sophisticated and they had a very big space for customers to wait in the line and grab the coffee. However, they had so many chair tables for people to sit down. I could smell all the freshly brewed coffee and the smell of toasted croissant. I looked around and saw there was an old couple sitting together and talking to each other while having their coffee. A young boy dressed like a soccer player holding a ball came in and asked for water from the barista. While taking sips of my coffee, I realized the manager walked in and took over the register from one of the barista’s. I noticed that the crowd was getting less as the day was getting closer to noon. I saw one of the baristas erasing the black board and writing the “Happy Hour” in front of the entrance and wrote some of the names of their drinks. She wrote down the offers that they will start from 2PM- 4PM. Some people were in a rush so they got no time to sit down, so they had their coffee and went. However, some like to sit and do their work on their laptop while having coffee. Mostly, in my observation the coffee shop was crowded in the early morning. I observed there are different types of people coming to the coffee shop and enjoy coffee with a good company. 


Comments ( 2 )

  1. Ashley Borja
    Coffee is a big part of my life too! I liked that you decided to sit in this setting and the way you described the baristas. I thought you effectively used descriptive language.
  2. Emma Fournier
    Your description of this coffee shop was very effective in transporting me to where you were in making these observations. I really like how you presented this perspective of the time passing and how the energy felt different as the day progressed. I felt like I was sitting there with you watching people rush in and out while the morning turned into the afternoon.

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