Discussion Board Post #5

It wasn’t until recently that I felt comfortable with the way I write. For schoolwork, I ideally spend 10-15 minutes planning out the assignment. Before I start any writing, I look at the rubric and requirements. Each assignment has a different set of requirements. If the assignment is an essay, I create a thorough outline with thesis statements and topic sentences. Then on a spreadsheet, I will put several quotes– to help me stay organized. For smaller assignments, I create the first draft and then edit it.


I learned throughout the semester that the first draft will never be perfect. It’s a time for you to look at what’s missing and what can be improved. I spent a lot of time stressing over first drafts. I would constantly revisit the same sentence. For essay #3, overthinking was a challenge. I kept feeling like something was missing from my writing. It ended up extending the amount of time I spent writing the research essay.


My writing style has changed from the beginning of the semester. I am now able to write in APA format. I also learned how to write different types of essays. The first essay in the semester required a transcript of an interview. I learned the importance of keeping the informant’s words the way they are said. I also learned a lot of lessons from procrastination. Pushing assignments to the last minute causes extra stress and grieving. It’s better to take your time and plan your essay over several days. Once you finish your essay– put it away and revisit it later to make edits.




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