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Writing has never been too difficult for me, words flowing easily from pen to paper. The majority of my writing has stemmed from schoolwork and rarely a product for my own desire. When preparing for these assignments, I make sure I have read what is necessary to make the project comprehensible. This entails reading a specific chapter in a text, going over prior notes, or scanning the rubric for the task. Before I begin writing, I need to know the question begin asked or the purpose of the assignment. Additionally, I need to know the stance I will take throughout the piece or the point I am trying to make. Although I should write an outline for every assignment I am given, I only do so with bigger papers.

While writing, I constantly notice how I don’t just write out my thoughts regardless of how bad it is. I write a few sentences, pause to mull over the words, and then make edits to the words in question. I would rather just free write and then proceed to read over my work, but I can’t seem to drop this habit. Because of certain expectations given, like a word count or page maximum/minimum, I often add information that does not advance my point. My writing process, sadly, hasn’t changed much over the semester. Though I’d benefit from utilizing the methods learned in class to improve my writing, I probably will not incorporate them into my routine. Not because they aren’t useful, but instead because if an approach does not have a large impact on my writing, I tend to forget it or abandon use for it.

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  1. Ashley Borja
    This is very relatable. I struggle with the same editing habits. I wish I could write it all out and edit at the end. But, I always edit as I write and it takes more time. Your response was very real, sometimes we don't carry the skills we learn from the courses we take.

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