Discussion Post #2 – Hustlers

In the article, “Hustlers: The Real Story Behind the Movie”, there are multiple  shared beliefs as well as rules shared amongst the strippers of the club. For example, they drew the line at having sex with customers, seduced those who were rich and make them spend as much money as possible, and even resorted to drugging them in order to get more money. Some of the strippers would even alter their appearances in order to appeal more to the men at the clubs. Their main goal was to obtain as much money as they could. These women, as stated in the text, stopped believing in men. The background information chosen was helpful because it provided not just the interviewer but the readers a context behind why Rosie resorted to this job. The background information also helped understand Rosie’s character and give us an insight into who she is. The author of this article gives very detailed descriptions of the informants, especially regarding their physical appearance. They used vivid imagery to describe the informant’s physical appearance such as using Jessica Rabbit’s body shape as an example. The descriptions help set the scene especially when you start to think about the setting in which the interview and the actual hustling of the strippers takes place. These descriptions helped me understand what exactly was the article about. The detailed report and the structure of the article as well as the interviews is very organized and story-telling like which added to the story’s credibility.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    To add to what you're saying it feels almost like Pressler is making the looks of these women vital to their jobs. Almost, as though if they weren't attractive they wouldn't have these jobs and they would instead rely on their smarts to work jobs like Wall Street.
  2. Adrian Aguilar
    I agree that including the descriptions really helped set the scenes of the story. When Pressler would include words describing the figure of the woman it showed what was sought out for in the strip clubs.
  3. Thais Nunez
    Yea I agree with what you said that in the text these women stopped believing in men. They just seen the men as money bags and nothing else.

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