Discussion Post # 2 “The Hustlers at Scores”

  “The Hustlers at Scores” by Jessica Pressler interviewed two real life hustlers and subjected their life story which was featured in NewYork Times magazine and also made a movie out of the story. A woman Samantha Barbash a single woman from Bronx and her crime partner Roselyn Keo both used their wits and smarts to manipulate money from the customers at the club to become rich. According to Rosie the reason behind her getting into the stripper industry is her parents and her poverty. She wanted to make a lot of money then she used to get from a regular job at a restaurant. The cultural information and belief of the article was that people mess up their lives if they do not get the right direction from their parents. Also, they get greedy at some point of life about money that even if they get it enough they feel like it is never enough for them. 

                Roselyn Keo felt the same that even if she thought that was enough money but she still did not stop scamming money from the clients who came to the club. They would run the clients whole card to 0 balance it they piss them off by saying something. They would do it without any hesitation and later on if their customers complain they would blackmail them and take the  money from them. Sometimes they would add drugs to the customers drinks too. The industry was enjoying the cultural momemt of the third feminist taking off one’s garments in the front of an audience was no longer degrading but sexually liberating and financially empowering.They got arrested after one victim managed to report one of his perpetrators admitting how she carried out his to the club while he used to be drugged. Roselyn was never worried about her former colleagues who got arrested. They all pleaded not guilty and got bailed. The background information helped to understand the whole story better because we got to know why they come to that point in their life and all the details. 


Comments ( 2 )

  1. Marieme Jiddou
    I like the fact that you focused on how the lack of parental presence in one's life can lead them down a dark road. The story was so crazy, intense and moved so quickly that I didn't really focus on the parents absents as much as I should have and I think it should definitely be a topic explored more because we only hear about the parents a bit and I think unraveling that story can lead to more understanding on how parents are the most important people in a child's life.
  2. Angel Pacheco
    I like that you mentioned how being a stripper was no longer viewed as degrading but as empowering. I think this is really important since the article goes to great lengths to describe how Rosie became very empowered with her new found profession.

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