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Today I decided to observe the City College NAC center. In particular I observed the rotunda area above the escalator entrance, one of City College’s busiest areas. What I noticed is that a lot of students were still going about their usual business. The usual hussle and bussle could still be found (at least during the time I spent observing the area) in the area. People still had set up stands and were doing informational events using their set up desks. There was even a free food stand still despite the recent events with the Corona Virus. I found this very interesting in particular, cause I figured people would be too paranoid to eat free public food out of worry of the virus spreading. I considered getting a free donut myself, but I held out on it. Admittedly, I’ve began taking some precautions while going to class such as bringing a hand sanitizer bottle with me, and decided to pass on the free food… just in case. Besides that though, I did of course overhear a lot of talk about the Corona Virus itself. It seemed overall that City College students were still willing to go and do what they had to do, (which today would’ve been to show up on campus and attend their classes) even despite the virus. Now this has all changed given the update today, but I still found the spirit of the students to be pretty admirable. It shows that even despite the public mood being uncertain and uneasy, many of us CUNY students were still willing to give it our all.

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  1. Thais Nunez
    Honestly, I would have taken the free donut I would have not been able to contain myself. Great details! made me feel as if I was actually there, which I am half the time so I know what you are talking about.

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