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It’s about 2:30pm as I sit across on a big rock from the dog park on 135th. The dog park isn’t much, but the dogs seem to enjoy it. Its located on a slanted hill and the benches where the owners sit are at the bottom lined up. Every time a dog enters the gates to the park Tinker the golden retriever greets them as if he was security. Tinkers owner sits on the bench with his legs crossed, looks like he is in his mid-twenties wearing a graphic t shirt. I noticed that he seemed like he was in a daze staring at the ground. The next person who entered the dog park came in with a phone pressed to her ear with a medium sized dog and a tennis ball in his mouth.  She paced the dog park walking back and forth engrossed in her phone call, as her dog ran around chasing his ball. She looked like a businesswoman and she could have possibly been on a call. A small poodle came in next accompanied with her owner. What I noticed is that most of the dogs mimicked their owners. Or the owners got dogs to fit their personalities. The poodle owner seemed like a quirky quite girl, her dog was a small golden poodle with a cute face that ran in between her legs. Tinker seemed sociable but also laid back just like his owner. Dash, the businesswoman’s dog matched the energy of the women. I personally really enjoyed Tinker.

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  1. Yaya Camara
    You did a good job observing the dogs and their owners in the park. Also, how do you know Tinker so well?
  2. Emma Fournier
    I love that your observation was heavily focused on the personalities of dogs compared to their owners rather than just people doing human things. I thought it was very perceptive of you to take note that the owners seemed to have a connection to their dogs based on both of their natural energies. This was so cute!

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