discussion post #3

I decided to go to St. Nicholas Park to observe those around me. It is currently 4:27 and their arent many people. There are four people, a pair playing basketball, another playing by himself, and the last person in skateboarding. The pair that is playing basketball is actually a mother and her child. another person entered the park and he is riding his skateboard. there are occasionally people who walk their dogs or are just passing through to get to the dorms. The two skateboarders started to skate together. now one is sitting on the phone while the other skates. the one sitting down is wearing a grey t-shirt and the other is wearing a black t-shirt with black pants. A couple passes through the park and so did a father and son. A few more people entered the court and started their own game of basketball. the weather is gorgeous and the sun is shining. It is not too hot but not too cold. by the chairs, there are three people sitting separately, one watching the basketball courts. there’s not much noise except for the occasional car or airplane. the sun is starting to slowly go down. There are a few people who just got out of school. as the hour passed, more people came to the basketball courts. There is a big group that is set up to play a game. They all seem like friends and are joking around with each other. The sky becomes much duller and it looks like it might rain. It also got a bit chillier. The common theme within the park is to go to the basketball courts or just to pass through the park.

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  1. Abigail Banton
    I like how you came up with a common theme. I also think that your description of the weather and the noise levels painted a picture that is calm and pure in a way which was cool to read.

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