Discussion Post # 3

The place I choose to observe were the Piers in Manhattan. I walked from pier 42 all the way down to battery park. It was a perfect day to walk such a distance as the weather was super beautiful. The sun was up bright and burning hitting very nearly the 60’s degrees. This was seen in the clothes everyone around me was wearing. People in shorts, tee shirts, and even sandals. It really felt like summer. As I walked along the railing I noted the waves splashing along the shore which created a slight change of color to the concrete. The water was very dark, nothing seen below its surface. Only some very bizarre wooden sticks and wires that barely stuck out the surface of the water. Soon after I decided to sit on a bench for a while and fully absorbed my surroundings. My attention was always drawn to the very large skyscrapers that touched the clouds. One very peculiar building caught my attention that was very unique. It looked like something out of Minecraft or built out of legos. It had a very random and unorthodox structure with many gaps shaped out of the ordinary. My attention was then brought back to the water, as I looked on to the horizon I could see the statue of liberty. Its green color and island around it. From where I was it looked so tiny in comparison to everything else around me.

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  1. Marieme Jiddou
    I think I know the building you're talking about. It's built as if somebody was playing Jenga? The building is very unique and I think a large part of the reason it was built was to attract people by its architecture. It's also interesting because you can see that building from various points in downtown Manhattan. Great description of the water.
  2. bethanie corona
    I enjoyed your post and the imagery captivated in your descriptions of the water. I also liked how to describe the building and used personification to describe the building "touching" the clouds. Nice job.

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