Discussion Post #3

Today I went to Brookville Park in Rosedale, Queens, NY. I chose multiple places for observation as I was there today: the open field, playground, and bridge with the lakewater beneath it. As I was in the open field, I watched a bunch of teenagers play catch with a football. They practiced running routes (which is the specific direction on the field that you’re supposed to run during a play). They continued running routes for about fifteen minutes, then switched to practicing defense techniques. None of them were wearing coats, which makes sense because NYC’s weather has been getting warmer. I wondered if they were skipping school since their age group is in high school and today (March 11th, 2020) is a school day. As I was on the playground, I saw children running around, playing tag and enjoying the swings. One little boy, about 3 or 4 was chasing a girl about the same age. The little girl fell and started crying, so the boy helped her up. The children on the swings were swinging at dangerously high heights and had to be warned against that so that they did not hurt themselves. They too, were wearing no coats, but rather sweatshirts instead. After watching them play, I casually made my way over to the bridge over the lakewater. It was a much less populated area; no one was there except the occasional person walking or jogging by. Even the joggers had no coats on. The lake was very still; virtually no movement was present within it. Common themes I realized within my observation is that people’s attire is reflecting the change in season and that people tend to be very happy when participating in physical activity. 

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