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I decided to observe and pay attention to what people do and their reactions when in the train, especially in the subway. For the most part, I would usually be on my phone and not look up until I get to my stop but this time was different. During my 45 minutes commute from college to my house, I noticed certain patterns among those in those in the same train car as me. I stood by the doors because it was slightly packed. I look up and see that most people were on their phones. Some occasionally looked up but quickly went back to the screen in their hands after realizing that their stop is yet to come. There was something about seeing a series of people in the same crouching-like position staring at the screen of their phones at the same time.

Now, there were the ones who, with their belongings on their lap somehow managed to sleep soundly. Personally, no matter how tired I am, I couldn’t possibly be able to sleep in the train. There were a couple of them with their head leaned against the seat, face facing up others facing down, hugging their bags with their eyes closed. I noticed that it was mostly middle aged men who did this while those submerged in their phones were younger.

Moving on to the homeless individuals who barge in every car to ask for money and tell their story. More often than not, they would be wearing slightly torn dirty clothes. For the most part, people would just ignore them or stare and some would occasionally give them coins. When these things happen, I notice that almost everyone makes eye contact and shake their head as if they all shared some inside joke and then there is this momentarily mutual understanding passing by. I found it fascinating how people can find things they have in common but still be disconnected from one another in a matter of seconds.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Daniela Guichardo
    You do a good job of describing the elements of the trains while inserting your own opinion. You chose three examples of train patterns that everyone who has ridden a train can easily agree on.
  2. Yaya Camara
    You did a good job observing what goes on in a busy train. Your observations are really accurate and I really like your closing sentence because it is our sad reality.

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