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My reasons for choosing the online community of Bernie Sanders supporters because it is very relevant considering that we are only 7 months away from our next presidential election. I am not into politics that much, at least not like how I used to be before Trump was elected. I know people who love and adore Bernie. He has 4.8 million followers on Instagram and with a health crisis going on I wonder if his promise for free universal healthcare is enticing people. I’m very skeptical of all politicians but Bernie seems like a stand-up guy, I most likely will vote for him. I come from a single-parent working-class home and this may affect what Bernie policies I agree and disagree with. Having the privilege of being an American citizen ICE does not affect me personally however the inhumane treatment of immigrants and undocumented peoples indeed bother me. The subjective positions I have from growing up in public housing I feel like minimum wage should increase, and health care should be not only a right but free. My grandmother relies on government assistance such as social security and government health insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. I am not aware of all the changes or promises Bernie has made in his campaign nor have I kept up with any debates or the primaries but he seems like he genuinely cares about poor and middle-class families. Sanders wants to move America’s energy system away from fossil fuels to combat global warming which is important to me because as a college student I have learned both in and out of school how serious this issue is for humanity.

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  1. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    I really enjoyed reading your post, I think privilege is about exercising what you have gained through race/age/etc. and helping people who don't have these privileges. I myself am a Bernie supporter, and have found that he really cares about the American people, I hope he makes a real change in our country.
  2. Angel Pacheco
    I enjoyed how you connected your personal background with the topic you chose. I think you did a great job listing the ways your background influences your views on the topic of Bernie and other political things.

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