Discussion post # 4

Privileges are things that often times we overlook due to the nature of some coming without effort. Others come about because our own personal success that put us in place of those privileges. I grew up in a middle-classed Latino family in Brooklyn, and so there are many privileges that I grew in to that many times I could’ve possible overlooked. Especially in the current situation that is going on with this pandemic, I think Wi-Fi in my house is a privilege that can be overlooked. This facilitates my research on a online community by being able to easily access it from the comfort of my home. The online community that I choose to observe is the page on Reddit called AskReddit. I choose community because of all the different interesting conversations that come about. There could either be deeply political questions or completely random and funny thought-provoking questions. Its always entertaining to see everyone’s thoughts, reactions, and responses to the particular question. What’s best about it is the vast variety of people that come to the page. I do not think any age is excluded and you can see that in all the different posts. Being that I am a latin-american male who was born and raised in new York, I think I may definitely carry my own biased opinions about different topics discussed in the AskReddit page, and this is what keeps the page interesting. Everyone may have their very own opinions quite possibly stemmed from ones background, and therefore you are free to express it as you wish under this page.

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