Discussion Post #4

Privileges, you can obtain them by working hard and some of them are just randomly given. In my case a privilege that has be given to me is that because of my family I don’t have the need to work. Also, because of this prior privilege I get to go to college for free, thanks to Financial Aid. Besides that privileges that have been given to me, I do not posses any privileges -none that I am aware of – regarding my ethnicity, age, gender or skin color. My education level have always depended on my will to keep on studying and my effort on having high grades; this is to  be able provide a better and more stable future for my family. In considering how I would connect these privileges to my subject of study, I do could consider that the fact that my family is able to provide some “luxuries” such as a gaming console has granted me the opportunity to know about the “Super Smash Bros.” community. The reason why I chose this community was because I would like to dig deeper into why this video game has been of such relevance for a tremendous amount of people that form part of this community. On the other hand, one fixed position and subjective position I carry and would affect my research would be that people from gaming communities are people that are disrespectful to new comers. It has always been evident to me that high skilled players feel no compassion for low skilled players. This is something that happens in every game. Also, people that belong to this communities might be perceived as lazy and unorganized and that is a statement that I do not know if it would be changed. It is matter of being proved wrong.

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