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I recently watched a movie on Netflix about the Flat Earth society, and became interested with their beliefs. I chose this community because I wanted to learn more about the communities rationale and why they believe they are right and the vast majority of the world is wrong.

Looking back I notice that they are nor many differing positions between people in the community and myself stemming outside of race and age. A fixed position that may affect what I notice is living in a large city. Living in NYC, you would expect to come across a poster or a random person shouting in the streets that the Earth is flat since NYC is very diverse. However, I personally never experienced that. As a result, I just assume that the earth is not flat. Another fixed position is being a college student. Many of my professor and peers dismiss the thought that the Earth is flat because it is considered common knowledge. Thus, I believe being a college student and living in a city are fixed positions toward my research.

Moreover, some personal experiences that I have entering my research is remembering the first time I viewed the Apollo 8 flight. During the flight, a picture was taken of Earth in space, and it looked pretty round to me. Another personal experience are the Moon landings that happened nearly sixty years ago. Many of the landings provided photos of Earth from the Moon, and the Earth also was round proving that it is a globe.

Thus, coming into my research, I am now knowledgeable of my privileges of living in a city and being a college student and experiences relating to the topic. Hopefully, I can set those key experiences aside and hopefully obtain information about the Flat Earth Society.

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  1. Adrian Aguilar
    I like how in the end you came to an understanding of your own privileges. By pushing your own privileges you will see the bigger picture of the online community.

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