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 Privileges are and can be entitlements that direct your position in society. Due to your race, age, and gender you might be favored for a job position, group, or community. I believe that most of our privileges come from our parents but of course you can change that theory by working and focusing on yourself. By focusing on yourself privileges such as scholarships, business deals, or job opportunities will arise. 

In my case most of my privileges come from my parents. Being born into a middle class family and not having to worry about paying for school is great! They also pay for the rent to my apartment and my food/clothing, so I never have anything to worry about except school.  So far these privileges make me look like a spoiled human being but that’s not true… or i hope it isn’t true. Still they are the major benefactors in my life. Don’t get me wrong I do work on myself as well, to create my own privileges. When I got my first job the reason I got it was because I am bilingual and brought racial diversity to the kitchen (I worked in a restaurant).  

In analyzing my own privileges and the ones my parents gave me I am unsure how it will affect my field research. The main reason I chose my online community was because of how much time I have on my hands which in result is due to my parents. My online community is based on a specific artist and her fan-base. With all the time I have I am able to listen to all of the artists music. Also due to my fixed position I relate and am a part of the online community. This is due to the community having a large number of  minorities. In researching the community I plan on carrying with me the personal experiences that make me a minority and what it does for others. I will have strong willed opinions for certain aspects but hopefully I can push those aside to observe the larger picture. 

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  1. Marieme Jiddou
    It's great that you are able to acknowledge that your privileges come from your parents. There's nothing wrong with relying on your parents (if they can afford it) while building yourself up.
  2. Sara Sanchez
    I believe that from the beginning to the end of your last paragraph you discovered what personal factors (you being a minority) play in connecting with your online community (you claiming minorities make up most of your fan base). I, too, was struggling to understand what privileges of mine necessarily play into my online community of choosing. Perhaps it's for this exact reason that you felt more comfortable being a part of this fan base.
  3. Mohammed Hossain
    Most of our privileges comes from our parents. This cannot be said for many other people who's parents cannot afford things that our parents can.

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