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Asadullah Bin Amir 

Prof. Shamecca Harris 


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Every human is born into a specific situation, which tends to determine their output on certain life. For example, being born into a rich well settled family you are provided everything that you ask for since you come out the womb therefore the word struggle has no relevance in your life but for someone born into a middle class family, watching your parents struggle daily in order to make ends meet, you tend to have a higher value for smaller things in life. In my case, I can’t say I don’t value things or take things for granted but it would also be wrong of me to say that my parents haven’t provided me with everything I’ve laid my eyes on. In my specific field of research in the NBA community, I feel privilege plays a pivotal role. As the NBA does not discriminate against any minority, it allows everybody to access almost every event, emphasis on every. NBA has a thing called league pass, this allows people who pay for it to access every game that is ever played, but some people can not afford this, I personally have paid for league pass every year since I was 8, therefore I have a better perspective on the community than the ones that aren’t able to watch. I choose the community of basketball, because of my passion for the game. I believe that I have an exponential knowledge in the matter and that makes me an insider and an outsider for the sake of this research. I think the fact that I am an insider may affect my position on this debate. The subjective positions that I drag into this research is favoritism to certain players and an inside perspective on certain matters.

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  1. Iqra Jan
    Your research is gonna be affected and will be interesting as you have a bias towards the NBA already. This gives you an insider perspective and allows you to have a connection with the members in that online community. you'll have to research to find out more information than the background knowledge you already have.

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