Discussion Post #4

By definition, privilege is an advantage or special right that someone has. Different people have different privileges based on their situation such as race, age, gender, social class, or even where you live. All of these factors plays a part in someones life. Most come from our parents but there are that we can make for ourselves. I have a few privileges myself. I have two houses that I can stay at (my mother’s house and at my father’s house), financial aid for college, an education, supportive family and friends, freedom of speech, the right to vote, growing up in a Hispanic household giving me the privilege of being bilingual, and parents who provide me with the things I need even though they are both lower-middle class-middle class and are not together so that I can focus on getting an education. Although these all seem small or what some people might not consider as privileges, they have helped me grow and continue to succeed in life. 

The reason I chose my online community is that I am apart of that community myself and never really thought about how some of the things like inside jokes or behaviors might be weird or unusual to others. The fact that I even have the privilege of having a phone and social media to access it plays a role in the reason why I chose it. Many people that are apart of this online community buy a lot of albums, merch, and concert tickets. Most don’t have a lot of money to afford good concert tickets or tickets in general since they are very very expensive (I would know, I’ve always ended up in the nosebleed section) or fan meetings. Since I am apart of this community most of the behaviors that I will be exploring aren’t new to me but since I am an insider I have to try and make outsiders understand some of the language and behaviors. Due to the fact that the fanbase is made up of different races and people from all over the world I will also be analyzing the language barrier and the difference between international fans and Korean fans.

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