Discussion Post #4

When I reflect on my privileges, the one that instantly comes to mind is where I live: Lincoln Center. Whenever I, a hispanic female, tell anyone this there’s always shock & the typical “are you rich” (I’m not unfortunately haha). As a PoC who has many relatives & friends that are PoC, I know this is a rare living circumstance for minorities. My father works for the company that runs the building we live in, & by deciding to be the on-duty superintendent for the building we live in my apartment rent free. My father being in this profession allows my mother to stay at home by choice & me being occasionally spoiled and financially provided for, as I do financially depend on him. This doesn’t mean I don’t see my family struggle financially here & there, but overall we are always provided for.

The online community I have decided to observe is the Animal Crossing fanbase on Twitter because I’ve been a part of that fanbase since it’s first game & it has been all I have been seeing on my Twitter feed. Due to this assignment’s task being that we have to observe an online community, a privilege I’ve come to acknowledge is having internet access in my house. Another is my family’s financial situation and the luxuries I receive from it; Being I have been spoiled all my life I was able to instantly join this community from the start, as my father was able to splurge on getting me the console its first game was released on. This leads to potential bias within the community I may not even fully be aware of yet. My family’s financial situation also comes to play as another privilege, as I have the console the new Animal Crossing game was released on.

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  1. Sharon Leal
    I really enjoyed reading your post! I relate a lot because once I tell people where I live, they automatically assume my family is well off but we're friends with the landlord, and once our neighbors found out they weren't too happy, especially because where we live, the rent we pay for a 3 bedroom apartment is basically free. Also, I too love and thought about writing about Animal Crossing, especially when I saw that people were leaving their homes and lining up in big groups to get the game, despite social distancing pleas.
  2. Daniela Guichardo
    I think you related your privilege to how it could affect your research very well. The financial situation of those apart of Animal Crossing Twitter is something you can look at in your observations.

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