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I have many privileges that sometimes I forget I am lucky to have. I was born a U.S citizen from a middle-class family, I always had a bed and my own room, healthy food on the table, access to education, the ability and financial support to go to college. I have the privilege of having open minded parents which is something I am truly grateful for and support from my parents to dream big and go for it not letting anyone get in the way of that dream. Family was an important and still is an important factor in my upbringing, but I feel like individuality almost topped that which might affect how I research my online community.

I originally was going to choose an online community on YouTube, but I have decided that Facebook is juicier, and it is much easier to observe and conduct field research. I am specifically going to study an anti-abortion page on Facebook. I think it will be really interesting to see who is active on the page and what are the demographics are. I have already read some of the comments under the anti-abortion page of their posts on Facebook and I can say that it is definitely passionate and that there are a lot of people who are pro-abortion really speaking their minds and serving the page some facts.

I am personally against anti-abortion for many different reasons which might affect how I see the online community and might make me bias towards certain opinions. I was raised in an anti-religious household; I was told that an education and career came before children.  I even have a promise with my father that I wouldn’t get married until I graduated college and a promise with my mother that I wouldn’t have children until I was thirty. I don’t have an exactly personal experience with abortions, but a couple of my friends do and couldn’t be more thankful for them.

I am hoping to gain a better understanding with the online community on their views on anti- abortion. I think there is many different aspects to it such as religion, science, financial support and culture that will play a role in their opinions.

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  1. bethanie corona
    I think you connected your privileges and subjective views and your online community very well. Your post was very candid, intersubjective, and thorough with sharing your experiences and opinions.

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