Discussion Post #4 – Privilege

I believe I have a couple of privileges, my parents are hardworking people. My mom works with the elderly while my dad is in charge of a department at the company he works for, bringing home a steady and reliable paycheck. I believe having a job is also a privilege because during these current times, a lot of people are not having the same luck. My parents have always told me that school comes first, being a privilege in itself that we all share, getting an education is something we might take for granted. Along with constantly reminding me about my education, they always let me know that if I ever wanted to leave my job, they would help support me financially which a lot of people around me wouldn’t be able to do. I learned this because during a past field research, I took a deeper dive into my coworkers lives and I learned a lot of deep emotional things about them. To me, my job was just a way of funding my hobbies but to them, missing a day of work meant light groceries or staying in until the next pay cycle. 

As cliche as it might sound, in the topic I want to research, being ‘born a woman’ and being in a relationship are privileges in two topics I chose. As someone who was assigned female at birth and maintained that identity, it is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone who identifies as a woman has the same privilege. Finding love and relationships of all calibers is difficult, and not being able to share the same experiences can affect my field of research. Going into a women’s bathroom is something I take for granted, while others have terrible and dangerous experiences doing so. In my other topic, being a woman and having a different perspective can easily cloud my judgements in regards to men thinking that women owe them intimacy and are to blame for the lack of it being provided. Although I do not agree, keeping an open mind can be difficult when all your senses are telling you to drop everything and run but one can try their absolute best to achieve great data.

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  1. Elena Bertolotti
    I don't think your topic is cliche at all! As a women I can totally relate to everything you just said. I think It will be interesting as you dive further into this topic.

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