Discussion Post #4

Syed Shataj Hosain

Writing For Social Science

Professor Shamecca A. Harris

Discussion Post # 4

25th March, 2020.


Privilege is a special right, benefit and immunity granted only to a person or to a group of people. Every single person in the world is born with a privilege that helps them to build a life. Practicing my own religion, education, health, race/ ethnicity is the privilege that I’m born with. However, owning good clothes, eating good food, using a phone or living in a house is a privilege that I got through my family because they can afford to give me those things. Food is a very important privilege that every human should get. My family feeds me food because they can afford it and that is my privilege to get it. I have the right to practice my religion freely whether I live in America or not. It is my birth privilege.

Age, nationality, gender, skin color, race or ethnicity, education opportunities, freedom of religion or of speech or freedom to travel, socioeconomic status these privileges can affect my fieldwork research because even if we have the privilege for those but we cannot always apply these in our life. Speaking my own language freely is also a basic human right. So, I get the privilege to practice my own language without any judgement. However, sometimes in public places I cannot speak my own language because they think I might be saying something about them or criticizing. Gender equality is also a big issue all over the world because people think male can do things that females cannot. So, that might affect my research because people might not take me seriously just because I’m a female. I chose facebook for my online community. The reason I chose facebook is because it is an online community all over the world where different kinds of people put different opinions and judgements. I see most of the people over social media like facebook do not respect each other’s opinions. It is easier to say things in social media then in person. So people get bullied a lot on social media. So recently I posted a status on facebook saying “Stay home, save lives”. My status is regarding the ongoing virus. So some of my friends agreed with me and others were blaming chinese people for the virus instead of being sympathetic towards the sick people. This made me think, not everyone has the same mentality as mine.

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  1. Marieme Jiddou
    It is much easier to say things over online than in real life. People think their words impact little online but it's more to hold people accountable even online. Facebook is a big online community, I suggest finding a specific community within facebook to focus on.

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