Discussion post #5

Adrian Aguilar

Shamecca Harris

ENGL 21002

13 May 2020

Discussion Post #5

When preparing for assignments I start as simple as reading the instructions. I don’t necessarily brainstorm ideas and jot them on a paper. depending on where I am the ideas flow through me.  Though at times it could take me days to think of an idea and the outcome I am trying to pursue. When I write I usually try to get as many thoughts onto the paper. If I ever get stuck I usually skip a paragraph and work on the conclusion or a different Idea. But before I begin this method, once I have an idea I do research to clarify my thoughts and the outcome that I will state. As I go through this process I don’t necessarily learn anything new. Besides new vocabulary and information on the topic of the assignment, where I learn the most is after the assignment is graded. The feedback or grade I receive allows me to reflect and realize that my body paragraphs, introduction, or whatever else, need more work to clarify my thoughts. I believe over the course of the semester my process has not changed. I continue to follow these steps but because of the pandemic I feel that I have become more lazy. Trying to come up with ideas can be hard at times especially when I have so many distractions around me. To complete my work I feel that mentally I have to be stronger so that I can focus on the tasks at hand. 

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I really liked how you skip a paragparh and work on the conclusion and get the idea to flow in your essay. I agree how refelctions and peer review help us to clarify thoughts.
  2. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    I agree with you 100% when it comes to the quarantine, and staying home doing this class online is making me lazy. I feel like my potential isn't being met since I've been slacking off. Nonetheless, you have given me the great idea of skipping paragraphs when I'm stuck--what I seem to do is simply close my laptop and ignore the assignment for another day or two.
  3. Olivia Davila
    It also takes me a few hours or days to come up with what to write or where to start. I also skip paragraphs as well if I cant figure out exactly how to go about them. I agree with you when you said the pandemic made you lazy. I feel like it especially hit hard when it comes to essays since I never hand them in on time.
  4. Sharon Leal
    I agree that skipping paragraphs is useful, I always bounce back and forth but just gotta be careful not to mix different ideas together. I feel the same way about the pandemic and distractions, it's hard to sit down and focus when your classroom becomes your bedroom.
  5. Mohammed Hossain
    I agree that skipping paragraph is useful. I do that all the time if ever get stuck. After writing the next paragraph I get a sense on what to write for the paragraph before.

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