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When preparing for assignments and tasks I usually make sure to read what the assignment or task is asking of me. I make sure to carefully pay attention to the details of the assignment and take a look at some of the sample essays as well. After this, I usually try to come up with what my specific topic is gonna be which helps me think about if my essay is going to be strong depending if I actually find the topic interesting. When I do so I start my first draft. Starting the first drafts are sometimes hard for me. I’m always trying to figure out a way to start my essays but once I do its easy from there. Most of my first drafts aren’t complete since I like to plan out and categorize my paragraphs. Once I do so I start going back and start writing which helps me organize my thoughts and points better. Something that helps me understand where I’m at or if I’m doing it correctly is actually the peer reviews. I usually don’t like peer reviews but for this class, I get a lot of good feedback from students and the professor that gives me more insight on what I should fix and if my essay is thought out. Something that I learn through this process is that there isnt always one way to write an essay. This is something that I feel everyone knows but I always have to remind myself. I also learn different writing styles through my peer’s drafts as well. Compared to the begging, this process has helped me develop my own writing style and tone and makes me write differently from regular writing classes. It helps me elaborate on my thoughts while connecting it back to the actual task as well. One thing that really guides me is the sample essays. I find that I sometimes model my essay around one I like or take some elements of that essay and incorporate it in mine. 

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  1. Sharon Leal
    Hey! I also agree that introductions are hard for me, I usually only write the first sentence and try to write my intro after I feel more confident in writing my introduction. I agree that usually peer reviews arent helpful nor do I enjoy them, but this semester, they were actually helpful. Taking a look at other peoples paper and their structure is helpful, I just didnt realize I did the same until you mentioned it. Have fun writing.
  2. Sara Sanchez
    I, too, always refer to the sample essays provided so that I can better understand the structure the paper has to be written in! I find it beneficial and an important step to helping students better understand what they're required of. Before this semester I've never written a paper in APA format, so being introduced to it vs. having to google the format-something I wouldn't completely view as reliable-helped me grasp how to write in this format.
  3. Mohammed Hossain
    Yes, the sample essays are very useful. Every time I get assigned a paper, I look at the sample essays for an idea of what the professor is expecting in our paper. This way we can write out paper accordingly.

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