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To prepare for a writing assignment, I always like to have research be done on the topic first. Once being given or choosing a topic, I look into many sources to have information-and if based on a topic of my choice, sources that relate to the research question so I’m not struggling to find sources at all. Once doing that, I like to write down summaries of what each source is about as well as list the information that stands out provided in the text. As said earlier, before I write I need to know if there are sources that are related to my research question, particularly for research where I’m able to choose my question so that I’m assured (credible) sources for the topic exist. By going through the process, I learn how to make the sources correlate with one another, following with additional information that’ll correlate with the next source; I do this so that my paper has a better flow to it. The only way my writing process has changed is by me having to break down each source more than once through assignments given. I find these assignments beneficial as it helps me better grasp the information in different perspectives and how I want to use it; It also helps me better word the final essay, as I try to avoid using repetitive words in each assignment, allowing me to find one that suits and sounds best. However, what hasn’t changed is my time management. Though I know not ideal, I usually do my writing assignments last minute as knowing I have x amount of days/hours left to turn it in helps me better focus on strictly just the assignment.

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  1. Elizabeth Cayetano
    I totally relate to doing assignments last minute, specially with the situation we currently find ourselves in. I do agree with summarizing each credible source to make the writing process much easier and effective.
  2. JingWen Lei
    I like how you avoid using repetitive words in each assignment, this is the part that I didn't notice in my essay. I think it's an important tip to construct a good essay. Also, I am also very poor at time management. Although I want to finish my work as soon as possible, it still takes me to the last few minutes of the deadline, this should be improved.

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