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My writing process is ever-changing, I feel like I do have some sort of process without structure if that makes any sense. I normally just jump into writing my assignments but after taking this course it has shown me that actually breaking up the writing assignment into mini assignments is very helpful and can help me avoid the feeling of panic while I try to cram the last minute. It has given me a structure and timeline which I desperately needed.

I like to first go over the main criteria I need to include in my writing. Are all the questions answered first?I like to glance at the criteria and then vomit on the page. Everything that I could possibly say about the topic and especially include my opinions on whatever the subject is. I like to get it all on the page to then go back later to see what I’m dealing with. What am I missing? Did I meet all of the criteria? Do I need to do more research? Do I need to work on my transitions and bring clarity to my ideas? Does it make sense? Do I repeat a lot of the same words which then brings me to the thesaurus to try and elevate my vocabulary because it definitely needs the elevation? I like to start writing from my introduction all the way to my conclusion and then move things around accordingly. I’ve learned that when I write I’m pretty emotional and I like to write about myself personally and relate it to any topic. Trying to write essay #3 was in my opinion one of the hardest essay’s I’ve had to write for this class but I feel like it was the essay that pushed me the most into developing a scholarly voice, it taught me the importance of separating the bigger assignment into smaller ones.

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  1. Marieme Jiddou
    I agree with you I would usually just jump into the assignment and write whatever is on my mind. A lot of times that would cause me to miss a lot of the criteria. With the mini assignments, it's less stressful. Essay 3 was definitely the most challenging but it was the one that helped me the most in the class.
  2. JingWen Lei
    I agree that you can easily connect yourself to the topic in writing. I often use my experience to connect to the topic as much as possible to help me understand the topic better. Essay3 is the most difficult article because it requires academic search, but it will further improve the writing level.

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