Discussion post #5: Reflection

At first, I didn’t really do much preparation whenever I would start an assignment, I would just dive right into it but I found out that it’s easier for me to prepare for a written assignment by creating some sort of an outline to help me organize. It also helps me keep track of my assignment and what to write. Writing an introduction is the hardest part for me and it takes me a while to know exactly what to write and how to go about it. Therefore, the first thing I try to do, is to write a body paragraph then move on to the introduction. Before I begin, I need to know what I’m writing about, context wise, and look for credible sources/evidence that supports the topic. As I go through the process, I learn about the credibility of a source, how crucial it is to analyze evidence as well as citing. If I’m being really honest, I don’t notice much of a change in my writing over the course of this semester. I feel like I still have much to learn in terms of analyzing and being more concise in my writing. But I’m proud of what I have done in this class. All the writings I did made me realize my weakness and how to address/fix them. Checking for grammar and punctuation is something that I often find myself doing since I didn’t used to before. Maybe if I go through all of my written assignments, I will be able to notice a significant improvement.

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  1. Elena Bertolotti
    I totally agree with the introduction being the hardest part, it helps me to just write it and then write the whole essay and then at the end come back to it after I have a clearer image about what my essay it about.

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