Disussion Post Three

It is about 12:15 pm as I take a seat in the fourth floor library. The wooden brown tables were filled, as usual, with college students. As I take a seat in front of the long table, I see many rows of other students conversating with each other. Additionally, I see students eating lunch and drinking beverages, so it seems that the rule of no food and drinks on all the floors are not enforced. As I look down at the table, I notice a white poster advocating for the closing of City College amidst of the coronavirus, a paper that was on all the tables. I chose to sit in front of a group of people, I assume that they are friends, who were working on their chemistry homework on Aleks. Their conversation over homework is seen throughout the little section of the library I chose to observe. Many students had their laptops open and were talking to other colleagues in a relaxed fashion.  This trend maintained the whole hour; while the students routinely became louder and then fading. Overall, the library scene remained pretty constant throughout the hour, and this experience helped me gain exposure observing many informants at once.

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Elena Bertolotti
    The library is always reliable, even though some students might waiver slightly from the rules like eating and drinking, I feel like everybody in college respects the principals of the library.
  2. Adrian Aguilar
    I can relate to the relaxed feeling those students had. When I got the news I was ecstatic but for some reason I still have a midterm tomorrow for whatever reason so wooo....
  3. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I can relate the fact that how library is prohibited for food or any kind of beverages since I have seen the same. However, so many student sneak the food in their bag and eat inside. I really liked how you observaed that situation.
  4. Mohammed Hossain
    Yes, food and beverages are not allowed in library but people dont follow it because of the freedom they have in the library. Also, about being relaxed and chat with friends, thats me most of the time during my breaks and when a class is canceled.
  5. Angel Pacheco
    I like how you also did City College as a setting. I think you did a good job showing how the students remained pretty calm despite the recent news.

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