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The author, Jessica Presser, uses background information to introduce quotes her interviewee, Rosie, mentions: “According to Rosie, her parents were Cambodian refugees who came to America hoping for a better life and “got caught up with the, you know, material crap, and the nice cars, and the nightlife,’ she said.” Also, the author tries to be comical but I sort of found it a little condensing, blunt nonetheless. The author writes “according to Rosie” because her family did not respond to interview requests, and because Rosie is an admitted liar with multiple pending felony charges. Still, she is occasionally prone to offering up indisputable truths. “American culture is a little fucked up,” she mused. “You know?”)” The author does a good job showing this vividly through her words and using popular sex symbols in the media to describe the physic and looks of the strippers. She compares Samantha, the leader, to Jessica Rabbit, her lips as “Angelina Jolie puffy”; her hair is “Cleopatra black” that hid “tattoos of a cascade of stars running down her neck.” The author writes an intense description of the strip club environment, hierarchy, customers, clients, and police. Another part that’s condescending is when they all get caught, she writes, “Even without their hair and makeup, they were a sight to behold, four exotic birds chirping in a cage.” This line creates imagery. The language used clearly shows that overall people tend to succumb to greed and capitalism and materialism and crime and bad habits. The preview to the essay claims the strippers fro scores are hustlers that have a “modern Robin Hood story: the strippers who stole from (mostly) rich, (usually) disgusting men and gave to, well, themselves.” The descriptions of the testimonies from the cops help set the scene. The details provided by the author to describe how the strippers would actively lure and drug men were vivid.

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  1. Ashley Borja
    I really liked how you pointed out all of these vivid scenes of imagery. I did not pick up on some of the things you noticed. I thought the way you drew in from the story and formed opinions on the article's writing was very nice as well.

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