Hustlers: The Real Story Behind the Movie

In the reading, a couple of shared beliefs would be the idea that stripping was liberating and no longer degrading. Also, one of the rituals/ behaviors at Hustlers and in the dancing world would be to work in groups in order to obtain the maximum amount of money possible from the clients. Samantha was old but maintained her capital by having clients and “cultivating younger dancers.” The use of the word clients could be insider language because it sounds more professional rather than calling them customers or Johns. Some beliefs also include that men are there to be manipulated and have money taken from, believing that men are not real. 

Having put in the part where Rosie was a pathological liar and with multiple felony charges was interesting because it helped develop her character and paint a portrait of her, especially with both descriptions of the women, one can imagine their beauty and believe the amount of money they bring home from Hustlers. The description is important because I can just picture the setting of the club as rambunctious and picture family men begging for their kinks in a dark setting. 

These descriptions also help understand how they got away with asking for rent or school payments, scamming them out of money. Also, when reading further describing the situation Rosie was in set the tone for the desperation many girls might feel, which explained why they went through such drastic measures to spike a man’s drink with drugs in order to run up credit cards and earn their wage for the night. The fact that they believed they were the aggrieved party was a bit ridiculous. It was all very exciting to read but at the end, it was like everything came falling down and Rosie, again, was lying about it not being true and about her plans for the future which was credible, being that Pressler mentioned that in the very beginning. Overall, this was very beautifully written and the descriptions of everyone played a good part in the reading because it set up the tone for the story.

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  1. Elizabeth Cayetano
    I find it interesting how you pointed out that Rosie had a bad history for lying because I feel like the undermines the credibility of the story. Certain parts of the story seemed to have happened but there were parts in which I was skeptical if it really happened. But the author did a good job with the descriptions.
  2. Thais Nunez
    I agree with what you said she is a pathological liar. She basically gave us examples to visualize her in our heads.
  3. Yaya Camara
    I also agree when you said they believed that stripping was no longer degrading but liberating. Even though they did not like every aspect of their job, they probably enjoyed their power over the men who were paying to see them.
  4. Elena Bertolotti
    I agree that it was a bit ridiculous that they framed themselves as the aggrieved party especially because they were taking advantage and stealing thousands of dollars from these men.
  5. Daniela Guichardo
    I agree that the use of the word 'clients' could be considered insider language. You bring up up a good point in saying that Pressler paints Rosie as a pathological liar, therefore she gives the audience both positive and negative look at Rosie's personality.
  6. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I liked how you used the tone to describe the situation how the man's credit cards runs up and earn their wage for the night.
  7. Sara Sanchez
    I like how you mentioned the women's financial struggle-how they took drastic measures-& gave your input on the morality of the technical crimes they committed. It makes a reader ponder who they sympathize more with.

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