Park observations

On March 11th, I decided to go to a local park setting in Harlem. When I first got to the park, I noticed a lot of people just walking and listening to music. At first I thought watching people in this park would be useless but then, a man walked through the park and he was talking on the phone. He walked extremely fast and shouted, “I don’t want to have to go over there and shoot up the place man, I really don’t want to do that.” This definitely made me laugh and feel concerned at the same time. After this man exited the park, a woman walked by and danced to her music and sang “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar. By the looks of things, she was in a pretty good mood. On the left of me were two kids, a boy and a girl. They looked like good friends but they only looked about 8-9 years old. They were playing kid games and laughing while sitting on the bench. On the grass hill in front of me, there were two kids, another boy-girl pair. They were siblings and they were playing tag on the hill. The girl seemed very happy that she was wining the game and the boy just looked like he was happy to be outside. Their parents were waiting on them on the right side of me on the bench. They were in deep conversation but, they never took their eyes off of their kids. I think that something that I thought was very interesting was I saw a group of men smoking cigarettes. They were going to walk through the park but when they seen the kids they decided to stay far away from them and I thought that was interesting and also a gesture of respect towards the kids and their parents which you don’t really find now a days.

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Elizabeth Cayetano
    I like how you pointed the fact that the group of men smoking avoided walking towards the area where many kids where playing because usually those type of people don't often care about second hand smoke and how it affects people.
  2. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I really liked that you noticed the man how he walked and shouted over his phone. Also you gave the details what was he talking about and mentioned it.
  3. Ashley Borja
    The descriptive comments you made with the people you encountered at the park was really nice. I liked how you used quotes throughout your writing. The final observation you made was essential to the field site.
  4. David Ayala
    The part where the guy was shouting at his phone made me laugh. It just shows how disengaged from the world one could be while talking on the phone, simply not caring what you're saying and who heard.
  5. JingWen Lei
    I think it's a great observation that you observe the surroundings of the coffee shop and then connect with the main customers. And you observe that different customers of coffee shops have different differences in order to order coffee,this is a good point to note.

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