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Bethanie Corona


Post #3

Walking into the McDonald’s on 125th and Saint Nicholas the smell of fries and apple pie ran into my nostrils causing my mouth to water. I had been craving a cheeseburger and fries and I hadn’t had McDonald’s in a while. Once I walked in and saw the line I was perplexed because I was super hungry after class and I didn’t want to walk to the one nearest to my building in Brooklyn when I was already in one. The McDonald’s was packed with young middle schoolers and high school kids, families, strollers and some elderly with their canes and coffee. As I waited in the kiosk line, a young mom in front of me waiting to order was yelling at her kids to be mindful and not horse around. The mom gave them that look and they instantly stopped play fighting and began to chat about the toys displayed in the window on the wall, they planned about which one they hoped to get in their happy meals. After I ordered I realized how much the line was backed up clearly, the workers are just finishing up from a rush hour and I waited almost 30 minutes for my order. The person handling the brown bags with the orders next to the cashier was flustered and had to keep double-checking with customers if they had gotten their drinks and sauces. I sat down on a bench like a table as I waited and almost wobbled off because the seat was broken, luckily an older gentleman, with a salt and pepper beard who was sitting across from me was reading the newspaper, so I don’t think he noticed which saved some embarrassment. I got up and stood near the counter to wait for my order as I watched people walk in. Two young sisters around 14 years of age, were waiting and when they got their food they instantly sprinted out the door to get out of the suffocating space. I observed an older lady holding up the kiosk line because she couldn’t figure out how to use the new technology; people tried to help her but she inevitably gave up and went to the cashier to order. A mid-aged woman with a large personality and long bright fingernails began to complain about an odor and the line. Then she tells the struggling old lady that “she should of went to the cashier from the jump for all the time she spent in the kiosk.” Right after I finally got my food, I sat and ate.

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  1. Asadullah Bin Amir
    very descriptive!
  2. Christiane C. Campbell
    I like that this post is filled with minute details, such as "salt and pepper beard" and "long bright fingernails". It gives your post a story feel, a visual aspect, and helps keep the reader interested.

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