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The place I chose to observe people was a Korean bbq. Right off the bat, watching the servers and how they stare at customers who’ve been here long is quite amusing. They don’t shy away after being caught, continuing to bravely stare, making it known that they’re ready for them to leave. The couple just laughs as the boyfriend gets up and grabs more meat to cook.
Walking in, the manager or possibly even the boss, happily shows us to our table, taking in face fresh faces as more money on a Tuesday night. The serves immediately turn on the grill and advises us that the buffet closes at 11:30 and the establishment at 12am.
As we’re picking out the meat we want to cook, another couple leaves, and the waiters immediately rush over and grab the tip, pocketing it and cleaning as fast as they could, relived there was one less table to worry about.

A older white man walks in with two dogs, immediately advising everyone that he’ll be “quick” while the servers look amused at the sight of a dog in a bubble backpack.

As the night reaches closer to 11:30 the Hispanic clean up crew begin to eye the last two remaining tables, making noise that indicates it’s time for us to hurry up and leave.

The servers begin to talk amongst themselves in their common tongue, one would self consciously wonder if it’s about them. The other 4 faces at the table look tired and ill, focusing their eyes on a plate of chicken left to be cooked. They look at it as if they’re regretting even going out for the night, wondering if it was even worth it.

As the night wraps up, the servers quickly hand over the check and before it’s even signed, the table is cleared and the server has already turned off the grill.

I found it odd that the server was just staring at an innocent couple enjoying their mean, not even hiding the fact that he was doing so. A takeaway would be that the boss is always in the mood for more business and clients but the servers don’t feel the same.

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  1. Asadullah Bin Amir
    very descriptive !

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