Post #3

As I sit on this couch that could be at most worth 99 cents, Iā€™m beginning to wonder whether I am in the right place to begin concentrating to write on this blog. I reside currently on the 3rd floor of the library at City College of New York. As people walk in and out, I noticed that not one book is missing from these shelves, which leads me to the thought like when we were kids and had to go on that trip to learn how to checkout a book from the library, was that even necessary? We sit in a circular shape, everybody in a different seating position, slowly but surely leaning in to hear into this debate. My friend Demetrius, a skinny 5ā€™7 child. Kanye is his favorite rapper of all time and he made a ballistic claim that Kanye had more classic albums than Drake and that set me off. Resulted in everybody throwing their favorite songs out and the volume of each voice amplifying as the discussion progresses further and further. End of discussion was with me leaning so far up to where I almost fell off, but all in all i won so its ok.

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