Reading Response #3

Reviewing the essay “When Words do More Than Just Hurt” by Ramandeep Kaur I would give the author an overall grade of 87. The author provides relevant background information as she discusses the K-pop star Sulli who committed suicide due to the hate she was recieving through her career. The author makes a compelling analysis of the online community following the hashtag “Sulli” and her fanbase as they mourn over her loss. The author paints a portrait of the community giving quotes on different members tweets in the community t. Overall the essay is well constructed and well worded. It starts off with a strong introduction and ends with her thoughts. The essay does address social and cultural norms giving multiple scenarios on how others responded to Sulli’s actions before and after her death. I would have liked to see more of the author’s subjective commentary throughout the essay and see how the hashtag Sulli used on other platforms besides twitter. The author focuses a lot on the direct observations and needs to note more on different trends/patterns noticed in their research.

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