Reading Response #4

I chose to evaluate Ramandeep Kaur’s essay “Transracial Adoption: Controversies and Effects.” The essay did not have any grammatical errors that I picked on, therefore it gets five points. The author also used well-rounded and well-constructed sentences, so I give them the full ten points for style. I enjoyed their research question since it was fresh and unique, thus they get all ten points for the section. Kaur organized their paragraphs in well-divided thoughts with smooth transitions, each thought flowing into the next. They also incorporated at least 5 scholarly sources, though I believe they could connect these pieces thematically a bit more. So, I give them 20 points for organization and 23 points for development. The author thoughtfully compares and makes connections between sources. Kaur also effectively summarizes their sources while noting limitations of the research, so I give all 30 points for content. In total Kaur received 97 points from me.

Comment ( 1 )

  1. Adrian Aguilar
    I definitely agree with your choice in point deduction. The connection between sources did not smooth well or transition to other ideas. I felt they were not used to their potential.

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