Reading Response #4

I chose to review, How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships by Chardell Park which caught my attention with the introduction. I enjoyed reading it because the topic is interesting and it showed a lot of connection information with the sources that were cited. Personal ‘baggage’ influencing relationships was proven by the sources used especially when it is mentioned children reflect their own relationships with those of their parents. Overall, I enjoyed this paper and would give it an above average if not exemplary. As far as I could tell the grammar was good, the research question was well thought out as well as the organization of the paper. I do think this question has been researched a lot and written about a lot but still, an interesting topic. 

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Sara Sanchez
    I personally felt the writer could have defined what baggage meant, as it wasn't a term that could be used literally, but I agree that the essay was interesting and caught my eye based off just the title! Though it was a topic that has somewhat become common knowledge, they provided more than enough statistical sources to support their claim.
  2. Ashley Borja
    The grammar was good-- there were little errors here and there but overall it was well-written. The essay had a unique title and was eyecatching. I feel like since this is a topic that is so widely discussed, the author should have added some uniqueness to the essay. It felt like there were some topics missed.

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