Response to “Hustlers” by Jessica Presslar

“The hustlers at Scores”, By Jessica Pressler, describes the lifestyle of strippers who were running a secret business to steal from the rich and usually disgusting men. The story is based around a woman named Roselyn Keo. Ms. Keo became a exotic dancer at 17 years old. She lied about her age to start her new job in the New York City clubs. Rosie as she preferred to be called was pursuing a psychology degree at Berkeley College New Jersey. As she worked in the club she stayed strong minded so that she did not become corrupted and could pursue her degree in college.. Rosie observed everything around her, especially observing the hidden secrets of men. She said, “The reason why Wall Street guys party so hard is because they’re not happy with their jobs”. She observed how they would spend their money freely and ask for absurd requests from women in the club. It was there way of experiencing a more liberating lifestyle. 

Jessica Pressler’s article gives readers insight on the lifestyle of wall street men speaking of their behavior and language. According to Rosie men would make absurd comments when they were intoxicated. Some would say, “Did your father abuse you? Is that why you do this?,” and ask for freakish requests such as being penetrated by champagne bottles. To fully understand this story it was important for Pressler to include these comments because it showed why Rosie went down the road she did. Rosie felt that it was easy to manipulate such wealthy men. She had left this industry and had a child somewhere in New York. Because of the power she knew she could have over men it was very easy for her to request money. Years later she goes back to the club and meets her previous mentor Samantha. Her mentor had found a loophole in making money where they would attract wealthy men and drug them; they would later bring them to the club where they would spend all their money. She said that she became addicted to the money saying she would leave when she made 100k, 500k, then 1million, but she never did. 

Rosie was depicted as a gorgeous woman who became an  exotic dancer at a very young age. What Pressler did that made Rosie come to life was how she described Rosie’s appearance as a mother when she came back to the industry and her intelligence. This was also what made Rosie the perfect candidate to attract such men into falling for her traps. At one point Rosie told pressler that everything she said was fiction. With all the information that was put out into the media it seems unreasonable. It is hard to believe that none of it could be true.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Asadullah Bin Amir
    Very informative, and answered all three questions, i think you did a fantastic job on describing how the author used certain ways to describe her informants that led to such a visual article.
  2. Olivia Davila
    I agree with what you said about the wall street men and I liked how you included the quote about their creepy requests because it supports what Rosie and Samantha are talking about when it omes to those men.
  3. Mohammed Hossain
    I like how you described the informant. Like you have provided every single details that the author said about her that I can think of. Like How she was pretty, intelligent, etc. Very well done.

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