Response to “The Hustlers at Scores”

In the article “The Hustlers: The Real Story Behind the Movie” Pressler takes us on a wild descriptive ride of the women who stole from the wall street men by drugging and running up their credit card bills. The article includes some very valuable cultural information such as the rules to working in a strip club and what was allowed. In a strip club, it is designed so that the club profits more than the dancers. At the end of the night they are supposed to tip out the bartender, DJ, house mom and the hosts. The dancers have to pay to work there. A shared belief between all the strippers were that the men walking into the strip club had deep bank accounts and worked on wall street. The married men were easier to target because they had more to lose which meant that they could exploit them without having the fear that they would say something.  The idea of a stripper was a young girl with curves. The shared belief of sexy was a girl with the “sort of waist-to-hip ratio “that Rosie was born into, the hourglass shape. The background information that Pressler uses to help guide the reader is essential in understanding the story. For an outsider Pressler provided Rosie’s and Samantha’s background to help us understand why they started in this business and what made them successful. The description that she provided helped the audience envision each member clearly. She described everything from the plastic surgery they had to what designer they were wearing on their feet.

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  1. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    I find this response really interesting, and it opened my eyes to things that I may have glossed over as unimportant but I'm glad to see that someone is bringing it up. I completely missed the whole plastic surgery part, and now I'm wondering if that was what these women were spending money on (besides designer clothes/fancy cars). I agree with what you said about the married men being the most exploitive in this situation, and it is easy to understand why they targeted them specifically.

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