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Reading Response #4

Posted by Sara Sanchez on

The essay I chose to review was “How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships”, which focused on how one’s upbringing influenced the romantic relationships they had later in life. Overall, I would grade the essay a 97.75%. Personally, i felt the writer executive the tasks of content, development, organization and their research question perfectly; I say this because they statistically questioned if positive or negative influences from your parents during childhood and adolescence will influence future interpersonal relationships, particularly romantic ones, by citing many sources and dividing one portion of the essay to focus on familial contributions as well as personality influences they may have potentially gained from their environment as a child.


Post 4

Posted by Marieme Jiddou on

Act Like a Man, act like a woman

Content-above average 

The essay compares the sources without obviously stating it. It shares similar details in each source. The difference is what each source is studying or focusing on. The essay effectively summarizes what each source is saying in a few sentences by using the author’s own words. The author always relates the sources to her research question. 

Development- above average

The essay has five scholarly sources and makes connections between all the studies. 

Organization-above average

The essay includes a strong introduction that explains the issue of sex/gender and its connection to society. The author clearly states the conclusion, where they wrapped up their last thoughts and stance on if gender is socially constructed. The author divided her essay into specific parts which were great because it helped the reader identify certain things. 

Research Question-above average

The research question was rich and specific. It’s a fresh idea as gender studies are pretty new. 

Style– exemplary 

The author had clear sentences with great vocabulary. I think some sentences were confusing because the vocabulary they used was about gender and the typical reader wouldn’t know what they mean. The author didn’t explain these words. Overall, the essay has a great style it was clean and seemed like it was written by a professional in the field. 


I only caught one mistake in the essay. It was well written. 

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