A Report from Occupied Territory

In the writing by James Baldwin, he shows the ways that many whites see the black race. They have certain language to refer them to the black people that has become a very popular word to refer to those with dark skin unfortunately. Some questions that fieldworkers should ask to uncover more truths are what made these people think it was alright to define dark skinned people that word. They should figure out why they thought they were not worthy of their respect or kindness. A fieldworker should get to study the minds of the people committing these indecent acts to understand why they think so poorly of those people. However, the fieldworker should also get into the minds of the people being called these names and try to understand how they feel and how they think is proper to react. The fieldworker can use the witnesses that see those things happen as sources because they can observe how both sides react.

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  1. Yaya Camara
    I like your questions because it gives light to a perspective that's not really talked about. Your questions sheds light to the minds of white people and how they feel when they shame others based on race.

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