Discussion #2 “Hustlers”

In the article, there were many beliefs portrayed. For example, any Wall Street men who came in they knew automatically they had money or when a stripper gets older they are seen as “ancient.” Background information that was helpful was how she used to make her money when she was younger, but many people questioned that because it sounded similar to another person’s story. They article was very specific in getting her progress correctly for example, how she got her first job stripping and how she moved. She described her informants by giving a physical description so it would be easier for the audience to paint them in their heads. With that description she used similes so we can compare and have a more accurate picture of their personality in our head as well. Descriptions have help her show more of a personal side to the story as well. The way she described the struggle helped us get an inside image and see things from her perspective and her views. As a person, I really liked the way she described things because it made me feel as if I was actually there seeing what was happening and how her life was.

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  1. Olivia Davila
    I liked how you mentioned how the author uses similes to compare and accurately depict the informants

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