Discussion #5

Before starting an assignment, I always do some sort of research about the topic to get a better understating of it. Also, look at the assignment details of what is it asking me to do. I can’t just write anything. After all this, I kind of schedule out what days to work on what. For example, today I will this, and tomorrow I will do that.  As I start writing the paper, I collect multiple sources as I can possibly use on the paper and write down any ideas that I can think of about the topic. This is because I will rather be prepared before writing the draft so that I don’t get stuck in the middle out of nowhere. What I learned while writing is that through the process the main idea changes a lot. Every time I write a paper my main research question tends to change quite often. Never have I ever finished writing the question with my initial idea before writing a paper. This semester my writing process changed a lo. I never prepared myself before writing at all. I barely even wrote a draft. I use to always jump to writing the final version without any idea of what I am going to write. I soon realized that was not a good idea after I started taking this class.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Elena Bertolotti
    I also realized that the main idea you start with while writing an essay develops into an idea that can be completely different from the one you started with. I changed my main idea for essay #3 about four times.
  2. Ashley Borja
    I agree, for this course jumping into the final version is never a good idea. Doing research is always good and creating a thorough outline will help your writing flow. Sometimes when you don't outline an essay, you can be stuck midway on what to write.

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