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I have decided to go to chick-fil-A to do my observations. The one I went to is located in midtown. So as I walk by the place, theres a lot of people outside it just going by like usual. When I walk into the place, I stood on the line to order since I was hungry and the line was long too. As I was waiting on the line, I noticed the person on the counter was getting frustrated because the customer just didnt know how to order and asking to many questions. Also, people on the line were getting annoyed since there was one person on the counter but soon another person came to the counter. I ordered and as I was waiting, I look around to see whats going in the restaurant. I notice the first floor was filled and there was no place to sit. Also, most of the people were like late 20s or in 30s. I food came and I gabbed them and went upstairs. I noticed there was barely any room to sit but I found a sit in the corner. But surprisingly, most people upstairs were younger and mostly my age. The place was a little noisy. As I sat down, I noticed people didn’t care about whats going on around them. Some are just on their phones and eating while some are just with their friends talking. People were just simply minding their own business. After like an hour, I threw out my trash and left the restaurant.

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  1. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    I feel like your description is the perfect way to describe New Yorkers, everyone just does their own thing and tries to mind their business, unlike those small towns where they know each other's names/age/etc. because there's not a lot of people.
  2. Elizabeth Cayetano
    Your observation regarding the frustration of the employee behind the counter is a relatable feeling as someone who has worked in a fast food restaurant and people take too long to order especially when there is a long line of customers.
  3. Abigail Banton
    I think that the fact that you incorporated the age groups on the different floors was really interesting because I went to a Burger King once and seen that the older people sat on the first floor while the younger people sat upstairs in groups.

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