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I understand privilege here as a special right not enjoyed by ordinary people. My family is not very wealthy, but it also provides me with the best possible. Before I immigrated to the United States, I was in a private middle school and I felt a lot of the difference between private schools and public schools. Include the resources you have enjoyed and the circle of friends you have contacted. As well as my immigration to the United States, this is a privilege that comes from my born family. I don’t have to worry about my life. My parents have provided me with protection. This is what I have now. Still, I found some jobs through my own efforts. These jobs bring me life experience and I reach different people. There are also different people applying for the same job, but they did not get it, and my spare time work is also my own privilege. Due to financial support from my family and my own work, I came into contact with some of the online communities I searched for. I also pay attention to some specific clothing brands and buy some new arrivals that I like.

It is undeniable that the friends around me let me know the online community I am studying now. The pursuit of tide brand and fashion of people of different classes brings them together. For people with enough financial means, they can buy a lot of clothes, shoes or bags, and a large part of the group is young people. There are different age groups of followers for “Hypebeast”, but most are young. From my experience, some people spend money from their parents, and some people get what they want by working. A wealthy family gives them great privileges in the online community that I research. Financial ability is one of the most important factors in this community. Many people criticize this community, thinking that some people join this community just to satisfy their vanity. Not really like and love different brands.


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  1. bethanie corona
    I like how you address not only your privileges but connect them to the people that follow "hypebeast" culture and other forms of trends that focus on materialism can be wealthy and others not so much. What makes one a hype beast? A person who can afford the style or does the style fulfill a void for those who are not wealthy? An interesting dynamic between observing who exactly are the consumers and the privileges they carry.

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